What is it About the UK and Spain and EuroMillions Lottery Wins?

Posted on February 16th, 2010

Well, I don´t know about you. But if I was French, Austrian, Swedish, Belgian, Irish or Swiss I would be seething. What is it about the UK and Spain and the EuroMillions lottery? Players from one country or the other seem to regularly scoop the big prizes, and this time over the weekend it was the turn of couple from the West Country who just win “Fifty-six million, eight thousand, one hundred and thirteen pounds and twenty pence.”

Thats £56,008,113.20 in numbers. They have been confirmed as Britain´s biggest ever lottery winners. And the winning tickets were shared with another lucky punter in Spain.

It is the 4th time in 3 months that a British winner has landed more than £25m in the EuroMillions draw. What is going on?

In November, Les Scadding, 53, and wife Samantha Peachey-Scadding, 38, from Caerleon, south Wales, won over £45m.

And £45m was won in the same day by a team of 7 IT workers at Hewlett Packard in Liverpool.

Back in January, 4 family members from Dorking in Surrey won £26m.

And Spain also seems to do well. The record EuroMillions win is £113m by a single Spanish ticket-holder in May last year. The other winning ticket was sold at the Administration Number 2 in Mojácar, Almería, in the P.Q. commercial centre. It’s understood the prize is shared by 3 Spaniards, each netting a cool €23 million.

Two of the 12 second category prizes were also won in Spain, in Madrid and Baracaldo, Vizcaya.

Euro Millions is played in the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Irish Republic, Portugal and Switzerland. So that should give yuo a clue as to the frequency of the wins. When you think of EuroMillions, you think the whole of Europe is involved, and that is not the case. So statistically speaking, both the UK and Spain have high populations meaning that these countries stand a better chance of scopping the big one. Plus, both countries have a culture of “having a punt” (Spain is famous for its huge Christmas lottery: El Gordo) andthe Brits just seem to bet on anything – particularly the bankers in The City (!)

So How Do I Win The Next EuroMillions Lottery?

Well, our best piece of advice to to wear your lucky pants. To win the Euromillions prize jackpot you need to predict all 5 main board numbers and both lucky star numbers. The odds are slightly less than 1 in 76 million. The Euro Millions draw offers 11 more prize categories apart from the jackpot, and the odds ofwinning one of these is better. The lowest prize has odds of 1 in 38.

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