Should FIFA Ban the Vuvuzela Trumpets From the 2010 World Cup?

Posted on June 14th, 2010

It’s the talk of the 2010 World Cup so far. Sure there have been some great games (Germany vs Australia), some poor games (France Uruguay) and some unwatchable games (England USA, er Bobby Green anyone?), but the real talk of the 2010 WC so far is those trumpets, horns, whatever you want to call them- the Vuvuzela.

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The local fans love them, the visiting fans love them (some of them anyway), but the rest of the world seems to hate them. Players, commentators, and most of all fans watching on tv have all complained about the monotonous hornet buzz that is supposedly ruining player’s concentration and making it impossible for viewers around the globe to get any sense of the atmosphere inside the stadium.

So should FIFA ban them?

Well, let’s try and be fair here and look at the argument from both sides

FOR the Vuvuzelas

  • The Vuvuzelas are giving the South Africa World cup a different flavour. It’s part of the South African football culture to use Vuvuzelas, so they should be part and parcel of the World Cup.
  • Er. That’s it.

AGAINST the Vuvuzelas

  • Fans around the world can’t hear anything on their TVs apart from the continual droning of vuvuzela horns.
  • The players are complaining that they cannot concentrate on the pitch and they can’t sleep at night.
  • The commentary is being drowned out.

The biggest seller in South Africa at the moment after Vuvuzelas? Earplugs- named VuvuStop.

What do we think? Ban them. They are ruining the whole tournament for people watching around the world. FIFA have got to remember that this is a WORLD Cup- it’s for all nations to enjoy. If the World doesn’t want the Vuvuzela, sit up and take notice!

We don’t buy the “African tradition” line. It’s a British “cultural” tradition to drink 10 pints of lager during a game of football and sing drunkenly all the way through the match with no shirts on, but I am sure if  England, Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland hosted the World Cup, then this would be banned by FIFA because (rightly so) it impacts on everyone else’s enjoyment of the tournament. Comments please…..

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