Ole! Euromillions winner (£110 million!) lives in Spain

Posted on May 11th, 2009

A fortunate madrileño, or lucky punter from Madrid in other words, scooped a world record Euro Millions mega jackpot last week amounting to a staggering £110 million.

The winner, who suprise suprise is keeping a low profile from his hordes of new “friends” has not been named, but bought the winning ticket in Calle Alcala in the centre of Madrid.

Mega Moolah Jackpot now £1,005,248.65

The numbers that floated his boat were 4, 29, 23, 31, 24 and the Lucky Stars 9 and 8.

Quite often in Spain, lottery tickets are bought as syndicates by groups of friends in order to improve their odds. Lucky Jim, or Lucky Jaime should we say, may be the sole owner of the ticket in which case he or she gets to keep the full award.

If the ticket does indeed belong to an individual, then they have smashed the record for the world´s biggest ever lottery win.

Spain is famous for El Gordo, of course: “The Fat One” which is a Christmas lottery with suitably fat pay outs. People from Spain are well used to a flutter on these kinds of lottos.

The previous world record for a single ticket winning the lottery was reached in Italy on the Superenalotto where one lucky punter scooped £81 million.

All this talk of biggest ever lottery wins and fat payout has got us thinking. How would you spend your 110 million quid if you won? Answers on a postcard or ** Add a Comment ** at the bottom por favor! Here are a few ideas.

1. With this kind of money you can afford a super yacht and still have money left over for a few years running costs. Super yacht Alysia was on the market for $116.7 million a couple of years back (remember your jackpot is in pounds which are still just about worth more than dollars). Build your very own casino on it if you like. Built in 2005, the Alysia measures 280-foot long and sleeps 36 in 18 cabins- more than enough to entertain all the new friends and hangers-on you´ll be acquiring. Two 2,750-hp Caterpillar diesel engines will give you a range of 7,000 nautical miles and you can cruise quite happily at 16 knots.

2. Buy a fancy car. With this kind of money you should be plumping for Bugatti Veyron worth around $1,700,000. A friend of the earth you won´t be, but you´ll get to 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and on to 253 mph+. With 117 million quid in your back pocket, you could buy 100 of them if they actually existed.

3. Build a pool- Olympic Size of course. A 50 meter, Olympic-sized, in-ground tiled pool will cost you around a million before landscaping costs.

4. A tennis court is a relative bargain. Budget around 100k for this. You´ll have enough money by a long way to get Nadal and Andy Murray over to play an exhibition match while you down a few Pimms.

5. You´ll need to get around of course- a 9-passenger Learjet, will set you back around 10 million. Don´t forget the runing costs.

6. You want to get into horses? Buy a thoroughbred yearling for anything up to a million. Remember to save some cash to pay for someone to clean up the horse poo. Exercising will be no problem- you´ve just built yourself an Olympic sized swimming pool remember, so Ned can doggy paddle to his heart´s content.

7. What about a case of Dom Perignon? Depends on the year of course, but earmark between 3 and 5 grand for this. Pop! Glug, glug, glug.

8. You´ll need a similar budget for around a Kilo of Beluga caviar. Save some cash for some crackers to put the Beluga on. You might be loaded, but that doesn´t buy you taste- our advice is to at least trade up from Tesco value biscuits.

9. Louis Vuitton duffel bag? A relative steal at around a grand. You´ll still look like a muppet carrying it around even if you are worth over 100 million. Stick to what you know, and don´t start buying chihuahuas and Audemars Piguet watches straight away.

10. But of course none of the above is going to buy you an inch of happiness. We´ve all heard of Dallas and Dynasty.

It´s be better to set aside enough to make sure you´re comfortably off and so you´ll never have to work for cash again. And then employ yourself. Your new job? Giving all of your money away Bill and Melinda Gates style.

The first thing you should do is to give 10 grand to Major Phil Packer- the British army veteran who has only just finished the London Marathon (on crutches) almost 2 weeks after starting. He was hit by a rocket attack in Basra 15 months and told that he would never walk again.

He is trying to raise a million British pounds – about $1.5 million – for the injured soldiers’ charity called Help For Heroes. Then start your research at Charities Direct.


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