How Much Cleavage Should I Show When Playing at a Casino?

Posted on November 17th, 2009

las vegas cleavageThis is a slightly off the wall and bizarre question that was posed by one the members on Online Casino King (yes really)! It was asked by a lady who was on her way to Las Vegas and wanted to know if there were any minimum standards for dress when playing the tables at Las Vegas. When we came to think about the question, we realised that it is actually quite a pertinent one.

The first thing to say, is that the answer to this question (“How Much Cleavage Should I Show When Playing at a Casino?”), really depends on your gender. If you are a bloke, for example, you really shouldn´t be showing any cleavage at all, as by that we guess you mean bum cleavage. Keep your shirt tucked in, and your troosers tightly buckled, would be our advice.

This question is really more relevant for the ladies. Or rather, we would rather answer this question when it relates to female cleavage, should we say. There are plenty of stories of casino scam artists of the female persuasion who employ this very trick to distract the dealer while they are past posting (laying bets on the winning number after the roulette wheel has stopped).

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You must have heard about the beautiful busty brunette who arrives at the craps table in Aspinalls on Mayfair wearing an ultra low cut mesh top and precceds to make a £10,000 bet on a single roll of the dice. She rolls the dice and starts jumping up and down (and up and down) yelling, “Wooo HOOO!”  She hugs and kisses both of the dumbstruck dealers, yelling “OMG, OMG, I can´t believe it, I can´t believe it.” Without further a do, she collects her winnings and exits, stage left. The dealers just stare at each other with their mouths agape. One of the dealers says, “What did she throw?” The other one says, “I have absolutely no idea- I thought you were tracking it”.

But seriously, you´ll be fine wearing a low cut top to any casino in Vegas. The management may have a problem with people playing at some of the smarter tables like the roulette games in shorts and sandals, but anything that lends a bit of glamour to the proceedings will be welcomed with open arms. And if you go by the story above, the more cleavage the better, but make sure you choose a table with male dealers or this plan might backfire on you.

One thing that we would recommend though, is to dress glamourously rather than “muckily”. Think Monaco rather than Spearmint Rhinos. And that goes for the guys as well: no g-strings.

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