The History of Land based Casinos

Posted on March 9th, 2015

gambling historyWhile the history of remote and online gambling has been limited to just 21 years, the story of bricks and mortar gambling stretches back for centuries.

This type of gambling has been a part of human history and civilisation for centuries, while many of today’s popular games and accessories can be traced back to ancient times. History tells us that the first gambling activity took place back in 2000 BC, among communities  in China, India and other parts of Asia. Dice games were popular, the ancient forerunners to craps. It has grown steadily since this time, and is now a global concern worth billions.

While the history of gambling activity and games fo chance can be traced back centuries, modern casinos have only been around for less than 500 years. The first casino was believed to have originated in Italy around the turn of the 17th century (the name casino comes from “little house” in Italian), and they were typically private membership clubs that had been set up  by wealthy and influential citizens. Over time, this type of gambling house also became popular throughout France and central Europe, and despite resistance they also earned legal credibility over time.

By 1882, land based casinos had also begun to spring up in North America. This led to the development of Western saloons, which were often small and dimly lit bars where working folk would compete for cash prizes. As saloons opened up throughout the Deep South of America and northern cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans, these establishments gradually went up market and evolved into the type of casino resorts popular today. By the 1930’s, the legend of the Vegas strip had been born and Nevada had been adopted as the spiritual home of gambling. Of course Macau continues to knock on its door.

The Last Word
It was in the 1930’s that the modern age of gambling and casino gameplay was born, as popular resorts in Vegas and Macau were first built. From humble beginnings, bricks and mortar gambling has grown into a multi-billion dollar concern that draws players from all over the world every year.

Online casinos are the relative new kids on the block and their growth will force bricks and mortar casinos to further evolve in the future. Most will be need to diversify into the online world, while  maintaining a loyal offline following.

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