Do You Play The Same Lottery Numbers Every Week Or Different?

Posted on February 23rd, 2010

Here´s an interesting connundrum for all you lottery players, and a question that keeps being thrown back at us. Is it better to play the same lottery numbers every week, or do you stand a better chance if you change them week in week out? We all know that some people have their favourite numbers based on birthdays, wedding days, etc etc. And some prople just go for the “Lucky Dip”. Does it make a difference mathmatically?

Well, in terms of winning, it doesn´t alter your probability one iota if you change your numbers. It´s a bit like a roulette wheel (which we try and explain until we are blue in the face). Just as a roulette wheel has no memory, so the lottery has no memory. If 6 numbers come up today, there is the same probability that those exact 6 numbers (as any other combination) will come up next week.

“Aha!” I hear you say. So why do you never see 2 consecutive results the same in the lottery? Well, that´s because there are so many combinations of numbers. You will eventually see this happen, (theoretically), but by then you´l be long gone (and probably the solar system would have blown up as well).

If there are less combinations (such as red/black) in roulette, you often see the same result on consecutive events.

The only thing we would say, is that whatever your method, be consistent. By that we mean, consistently change your numbers every week by playing Lucky Dip, or always keep the same numbers. Because if you switch around from one method to another, you are going to feel sick as a dog if your “numbers” come in. If you play Lucky Dip, on the other hand- you won´t have any “numbers”. And check behind the sofa for the winning ticket. Do you realise how much money is unclaimed every year in the lottery. Well, I am not even going to tell you, because it depresses me. if you buy a lottery ticket, for gawd´s sake CHECK IT!

That´s just made me think. I wonder how many people who play Lucky Dip win? I mean, what is the percentage of Lucky Dip players who win versus “favourite number” players…I think we might just ask The NAtional Lottery to clear up that one. Stay posted!

On another note, our poison is actually playing the big jackpot slots online rather than the lottery. OK the payouts are not as huge (but I´d be happy with 6 million Euros on Mega Moolah). but the odds are better. (Note I didn´t say the odds were amazing, I just said they were better!)

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