What Are the Best Odds for the Barcelona Chelsea Champions League Match at the Nou Camp?

Posted on April 24th, 2012

Well, it’s the 2nd leg of the Champion’s League Semi Final between Barcelona and Chelsea at the Nou Camp (or correctly Camp Nou (pronounced “Now”) as they say in Catalan. And we’re going to have a flutter- so which sportsbook has got the best odds on the game?

Well, we’ve taken a look. if you are going for the long shot and are betting on a Chelsea win, you’ll get 8-1 at the moment at Sky Bet (plus a tenner free bet) and 16-1 for Lionel Messi to score first and Barcelona to win 3-0.

You’ll also get 8-1 on Chelsea at Ladbrokes at the moment, and 7-4 on Messi slotting one in first. The odds across the board for a Barca win are pretty poor…..we’re going to steer clear of that one.

And for the hardy gamblers going for a Chelsea win, you’ll get 11-1 over at Bet365. Pretty good odds for the brave, but it’ll be squeaky bum time if they do manage to pull ahead.

After the weekend’s defeat against “Mou”, La Liga is a lost cause for Barcelona, so they are going to have to repeat their Champions League success for some serious silverware this season. Barcelona are 1-0 down after losing at Stamford Bridge last week. Plus, Chelsea rested most of its first team over the weekend. Only 3 players who managed to beat the blaugranas took part in the 0-0 draw against the Gunners. John Terry, Gary Cahill, and Petr Cech started both games, and they are pretty hard.

But Barcelona should have local boy Gerard Pique back in tonight. If he does start, Carles Puyol will probably replace Adriano at left back.

Barcelona should be dominant again in the middle of the park, so if Chelsea are to win they will have to snatch one again on the counter.

Beware Lionel Messi – he hasn’t scored in two matches and he is due a goal. Prior to this, Messi scored in each of his previous 5 matches and 13 of the last 14.

On the blue side of things, Didier Drogba should start Tuesday night. Let’s hope there are less theatrics from the Chelsea strong man. He had an excellent game last week apart from the rolling around. He scored the goal of course, but probably his best contribution was tracking back and doing the defensive work.

Our prediction? Chelsea will nick another goal, but Barcelona will slot 4 in. 2 from Messi, a Puyol header and a toe in from Xavi. You can’t get more of our head on the block! Barcelona is “Més que un club” after all. So Barcelona to win 4-1 and 4-2 on aggregate.

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