Lady Luck & Her Many Disguises. Our Favourite Casino Superstitions

Posted on January 16th, 2012

We’ve just survived another Friday 13th (last week), considered to be one of the unluckiest days of the year (for some, anyway – I know someone born on Friday 13th!). For gamers, luck is both a blessing and a curse, with all of us having our favourite lucky numbers, trinkets and other paraphernalia that we carry with us or keep hold of when we’re playing online casino. Lucky objects are different the whole world over, just like superstitions are completely different, so here’s some of our favourite superstitions and lucky trinkets from across the globe!
There’s a variety of different animals (and animal parts) that are considered to bring good luck or bad luck in different countries. Ladybirds are said to be lucky, with the number of spots the ladybird has signifying how much you might win or find. In Germany, the pig is also a lucky animal, while in the UK finding or wearing a rabbit’s foot is meant to bring good luck. In some African countries, wearing alligator teeth is thought to have a similar effect, while spying magpies or black cats in many other countries can be seen as a bad luck omen (especially if there is only one of them in the case of magpies).
Lots of people have their own specific good luck charms, including toys, pens, pieces of jewellery or even particular garments that have to go everywhere with them – just think about the mascots from football matches or on quiz teams! Native American dream catchers are considered to be lucky thanks to their, er, dream catching properties, while in some countries sapphires are considered to have lucky, even supernatural powers. Particular numbers also have significance across several continents, like the number 7 and the number 3, both of which have a relation to a number of different religions (like three as the Holy Trinity in Christianity).
For the Chinese, it’s number 8 that is golden. Try and buy a numberplate in Hong Kong with an eight in it and you will need deep pockets!
Closer to home, there are a number of superstitions that come from old folklore that are said to give us bad luck: putting new shoes on the table and opening an umbrella indoors are both well-known ones. Breaking a mirror is said to cause seven years bad luck, although frankly I think this might be actually how long it takes to make sure you’ve picked up all the tiny bits of glass. Walking under a ladder is also said to be bad luck (possibly because of the likelihood of something falling on your head) but can be remedied by walking back and spitting three times through the rungs. Best to do this just after someone has climbed up though, rather than when they’re on their way back down.
What are your lucky charms – or superstitions that you always abide by? Do you have any good luck charms that  you make sure you use every time you play at online casinos? Like switching the computer on and off 3 times, turning around in your swivel chair 4 times (clockwise) and touching your nose before every 5th slots spin. Well, that’s what we do here when we play on the fruities– it works for us 😉


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