Bet on the UEFA Champions League Final 2009 FC Barcelona vs Manchester United

Posted on May 27th, 2009

Not long to go! Even if you aren´t into football, you must know that tonight is the UEFA Champions League Final between FC Barcelona and Machester United in Rome.

We have a special 25 free bet from Betfair and some trivia for you to build you up for tonight´s game.

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But before the game starts, did you know the following? :

– Barcelona FC is often shortened to Barça by their fans. The “ç” is a soft Catalan “c”. If we had written Barca, that would be pronounced “Barka”. Woof woof.

– It is Barcelona´s 6th trip to a UEFA Champion´s league. They won in 1992 and 2006 and lost in 1961, 1986 y 1994.

– Man United won in 1968, 1999 and 2008.

– Barça have scored the most goals (GOLLLLLLLS) in the cup, with a tally of 30 in 12 games. Manchester United hace conceded the fewest goals at six.

– The last time United lost in Europe  was to Milan, 3-0, in the 2007 Chamion´s League semi final.

– Both sides came top of their leagues this year.

– If Man U win, Sir Alex Ferguson will match Bob Paisley’s record of 3 European Cup titles with Liverpool (1977, 1978 and 1981).

– Thierry Henry has scored nine time in eighteen games against the Mancunians.

– If Man U beat Barça tonight, they will be the first team to retain the title since 1990, when Milan won 2 back to back championships.

The ref tonight will be Massimo Busacca, 40, from Switzerland. Let´s hope he is typically Swiss and ruthlessly efficient. He refereed the Barça v Man United semi final last year.

So – will it be the Ronny Show or the Messi Show tonight? Dunno, but chances are that the other 20 players on the pitch will have something to say about that. What time is the UEFA Champion´s League final on? You can watch the game on ITV. It kicks off at 7 o´clock UK time.

More Facts: Barcelona FC- The Beginning

Businessman Hans Gamper started a football club in Barclona in 1899 and Englishman Gualteri Wild was  the first President. The strip was blue and claret right from the start and they played their first match against a team made up of English expas in Bonanova (now known as Turo Park). Els anglesos won 1-0.


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