Bet on the 2nd Leader´s Live TV Debate! Who´s Going to Win Round 2?

Posted on April 19th, 2010

Did you watch the first Leader´s Live TV Debate on ITV? Politics hasn´t been this interesting for ages! As we all know, Cleggy won it by a mile with his earnest stares at the camera and his “holier than thou” pitch aimed at Cameron and Gordo. But who is going to win the second national UK leader´s live TV debate? And when is the 2nd debate between David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown? It´s this week (Thursday) at half 8 on Sky News.

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All I do know, is that we´ll be having a flutter (it makes it that much more interesting, don´t you think?!) Most of the bookies are running odds on a range of bets.

The Liberal Democrats have leapt in the polls following Nick Clegg´s performance on ITV last week with Alastair Stewart, and all of the bookies have shortened the odds on him winning the second, most of them even putting him favorite. Which we reckon, leaves room for having a bet on Cameron with some tastier odds. Don´t forget, he was favourite going into the first (despite all the recent Lib Dem hype), and it´s one thing for the Liberal Democrat leader to win it on the first as an “unknown entity”, but far harder to win it on the second when your opponents are alot more savvy on your style and the substance of your political message.

Cameron came across as ever so polite and nice in the first- making Mummy proud- but suffered a two-on-one smackdown by heavyweight Gordo on his left and Cleggston on his right playing Queensberry Rules. But we expect Tory Boy to up his game in the follow up and bang his drum a bit harder. The story he is telling is more compelling than the Lib Dems manifesto, which seems a bit wishy-washy on the detail. If he can get his “Big Society” pitch right and blag on properly about his plans yah yah yah, then he should have it in the Harrod´s bag. Cash Gordon, on the other hand, doesn´t have a gnat´s hope in hell. Any more of those smile-grimaces, and “I´m with you Nick”s, (which have been picked over time and time again in the papers), and he´ll be laughed out of the studio. It´ll be too obvious this time if he starts spooning up to Nick.

The only problem we can see with Cameron is that chin. Well, I suppose you can´t accuse him of being a chinless wonder, but it does raise concerns.

Nick fired off his long gun in the first round, and he may be left with his pants down looking like a doe eyed labrador in the second. The momentum is with Clegg, Cable, Paddy Pantsdown and chums who´ll be hoping to nudge the Swingersmeter a little further away from the pink and Brown zone and further into the yellow, but we favour Eton over Winchester in this particular Public School game of rugger (rah!) – so our tip is to go for David Cameron Esq. in round 8 of the 2nd showing on points.

One thing we do have to give Clegg credit for- he´s not wheeling his attractive Spanish wife around as much as the other two. Come on politicians, give us some credit. Mrs Clegg´s busy with her own hands in a job. There´s no need for her to blow Nick off course on his mision on the telly.

What Bets are available for the 2nd Live TV Debate?
Anyway, on to the bets:  on Thursday (22nd April) we´ll see the 2nd of three Live TV debates for the three main parties leaders:

Gordon Brown : Labour (a.k.a Gordo/Cash Gordon/The Trying Scotsman, Comrade McBroonski)
David Cameron : Conservative (a.k.a. Tory Boy/Prance Armstrong/Daddies-Got-Me-a-Brand-New-Porsche-Rah
Nick Clegg : Liberal Democrat (a.k.a David Cameron, Nicky Who?, 30 Up, el Mujer)

The second live TV debate will be hosted by SKY with Adam Boulton as the moderator (ooooh, doesn´t Gordzilla hate him- should be good) and will be shown on SKY News at 8:00pm on Thursday evening in Bristol in the South West of England. Expect a few “ooh arrrrs” from the contendors to get in with the brizzle locals.

The debate subjects will be International relations, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Middle East, UK defence, International terrorism, Europe, United States, Climate change, China, International Development. (Is that all? Should be able to race through those ).

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Head for the Politics Tab in the left navigation colum.
Who will win the second debate?
22 Apr. 20:30
Second Debate Specials
Based on first released YouGov polling on debate winner
Nick Clegg     4/6
David Cameron     5/4
Gordon Brown     8/1

What will they say?
22 Apr. 20:30
Second Debate Specials
Which of these will any of the leaders say
I Agree with Nick     2/1
Volcanic Ash     2/1
Eyjafjallajoekull     50/1     (could be worth a bet, although this is actually the name of the glacier we hear and not the volcano)

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Who will win the most TV debates
Who will win the second TV Debate?
Will Clegg perform better or worse?
Will Cameron perform better or worse?
Will Brown perform better or worse?
Sky Debate Forecast Betting
Settled according to ICM after the Sky News debate.
YouGov poll will be used should ICM not conduct a poll.

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Leadership Debate Specials
Latest odds
Who Will Win The 2nd Debate? – Outright – Win only
Nick Clegg     4/6
David Cameron     6/4
Gordon Brown     8/1
The winner will be the one who gets the highest percentage in the ICM poll

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