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Next to roulette, craps is probably the richest game in the casino in terms of folklore. Think of all the Hollywood casino movies you have seen. Which game do they tend to play on the silver screen? Craps, or blackjack.

And that’s because there is nothing quite like a crowd of people standing around a craps table, yelling the “Shooter” on as he or she hurls the dice down the table on the Come Out Roll.

Of course, it’s difficult to recreate that kind of atmosphere online. Well, it’s impossible, actually. But where online craps comes into its own (as well as being a fun game to play), is for learning how to play the game. The rules of craps can be intimidating if you have never played before, and novices are often uneasy about just strolling up to a craps table in a casino in Las Vegas, Monaco or London.

One of the reasons for this, is that craps is one of the fastest-moving of casino games. It’s much quicker than blackjack- you’ve got to have your wits about you. Plus, there’s a big variety of bets to make, with a list of betting options that leaves many novices sweating.

But don’t despair! Only a few bets are really worth playing (and the house edge you get on them is among the lowest that you’ll find at a casino). Slow the game down and go at your own pace! Play craps online!

The solution is to play the game online and learn the rules with no-one looking over your shoulder. Even better, play our free demo games and you can play craps for free to your heart’s content and you won’t be risking a dime.

Once you feel more confident, you can then pick a craps bonus from our list of recommended casino and play for real.