Best Christmas Slots 2013

Posted on December 9th, 2013

christmas slotChristmas is one of the most active times of the year for online casino promotions- most of the bigger sites are falling over themselves to attract new players into their casinos over the festive period (the bet365 casino Christmas promotion is serving up not one, but two cars this year, for example).

And the other area where casinos get active is the development of new Christmas Slots. The latest launch is the Secret Santa Slot which is a real “get into the festive mood” game with everything from sliced turkey to Christmas Puddings. Plus, the maximum win is 2,300,000 coins.

The most famous Christmas slot before that was the Deck The Halls Slot which runs off an older slot engine, but is still very popular. This one offers wins of £15 grand in the base game and a festive bonanza of £120,000 from the Free Spins round.

Then you’ve got Santa’s Wild Ride, which is a more humorous take on the man in red. In this one, you’ve got 243 ways to win, a Motorcyclist Santa Claus and a band of elv mechanics. Think Easy Rider from Lapland.

And last (but not least), is the cute entry: the Santa Paws Slot which centres around Father Christmas and polar bears. Cute ‘n Cuddly, in other words.

So what’s the best Christmas Slot? Well, we have had quite a spin on the new one: Secret Santa, and it certainly is good on the visual front (major eye candy game, this one). But for game play, we keep going back to Deck The Halls. This one s just too hard to beat.


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