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Mobile Casino Gambling Starts to Motor

Posted on | April 7, 2009 | No Comments

Wee, they say there is a “tipping point” for everything- and this was certainly the case for online casinos and poker rooms. The tipping point was the growth in high speed Internet access which meant that the games became faster to download and play, and the whole experience of playing casino games online wasn´t so plonky.

Amd there are many people who are now saying the same thing about mobile gambling, whether it´s playing casino games on your ipod, iPhone, Nokia, plam or G-Phone. In the case of mobile casinos, what has changed is that more and more people are signed up to high speed connections like 3G and whatever, and more and more people have powerful smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries, Palm Pilots, Samsungs and Sony Ericssons- you name it there has been a rash of them on the market. And we haven´t even started talking about Googles G1 Android smartphone.

Many people are put off these phones by their size- even here the development is moving forward quickly with rumours that Apple will soon be launching an iPhone Nano.

So what are these mobile casino games like? Well we reckon they are getting pretty good. Games like roulette and blackjack are perfect for a smaller screen. And many of the operators have made their big progressive jackpots available when you are on the move which is becoming a real draw.

The main players are no longer talking about mobiles taking over the world, but they are confident in the future of the sector.

Sports betting is simple and very popular, and the ability to choose your weekly lottery numbers with a text message is very convenient. Plus you won´t lose your ticket. Mobile casino games are improving with new features and lottery and bingo are waiting in the wings.

Asia also promises much for the industry – sports betting is huge there and mobile connectivity is normally better than fixed line.

We think its just a matter of time before the activity on mobiles reaches and even overtakes the playing online. Watch this space!

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