Which casino game should I play?

Posted on October 16th, 2008

We get asked this question all of the time, so we thought it would be worth a straw poll around the office to see what people played and why.

There are many reasons for playing casino games. The obvious one is to win money, but some people also play solely for the entertainment, and some play to meet people online. When we asked the team what their favorite games were, we got a whole mix of answers. Roulette was a popular choice, because it is so well known and gives you that adrenaline buzz- thanks to the design of the game. Blackjack was also popular among people wh played poker alot- I guess because once you are a card fanatic, you are also a card fanatic. And there were those who enjoyed playing on slots- mostly because of the variety of the games and because the jackpots available online have grown to such tempting levels.

If you are choosing a game purely on the odds that you get at the game, then your choice should be blackjack, of course. Played correctly, this game offers the best odds in the casino. A game like this which is a mixture of skill and luck will always favour those players who can play to a perfect strategy. Las Vegas single deck blackjack pays out at a generous 99.8%- that is to say, only 0.2% of the stakes are taken by the casino to run their business. Of course you have to play a perfect strategy to get to these levels of pay out.

If you are looking for another game with a low house edge, then baccarat is also worth a shot. This game has always been a firm favorite of the high rollers and that is because it offers good odds and is quick to play (unlike blackjack).

Of course, it is difficult to land a huge payday on blackjack or baccarat without a massive bankroll. Which doesn´t bother high roller players as they have the credit lines to back them up- but if you are looking for a game that gives you the chance of a big jackpot with relatively modest bets, then slots has to be your game. But just realise that the house edge on these games is a lot higher for this very reason. They need to fund the big jackpot form somewhere, and that´s from other players.

The jackpots on slots will vary- but play the big networked progressive games and you will be playing for jackpots in the millions. Just remember that your chances of winning the jackpot generally decrease the bigger the jackpot.

And what about the more visual games such as craps and roulette? Well, these are always firm favorites as they are so visually appealing, and of all the games that you can play in a casino these 2 have the most charged atmosphere. The odds you get on roulette and craps vary by bet, so the trick here is to weight your bets to the less risky ones. In roulette, this would be the even money bets (red/black etc).

And what about the other games? Well one stands out, particularly if you are playing online. And that is multihand video poker where you can play up to 100 hands at once for small fractional bets per hand. Not only is this fun to play, but the house edge is pretty moderate to.


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