What is the Biggest Casino in The World?

Posted on February 4th, 2009

OK- Record Breakers time…….have you ever wondered where the world´s largest casino is? Well, we have, or we were this morning.

Which casino on the planet is the biggest? There are a number of contenders in Las Vegas of course, and even with the economic downturn there seems to be more gambling palaces springing out of the desert in Nevada, so I am sure that the validity of this post isn´t going to last long.

Although the company who owns the world´s largest casino is American, it´s not on America- it´s in the new gambling capital of the world: Macau.

Built by the Las Vegas Sands corporation, The Venetian boasts forty floors and cost a staggering $2.4 billion. It comes in at 10,500,000 square feet, or nearly a million square metres and is the the largest single structure hotel in Asia and the fourth-largest building in the world by area.

The Venetian Macau opened on August 28, 2007 and has 3000 suites, over 1 million square feet of convention space, 1.6 million square feet of shops and half a million square feet to house its casino games and tables. The Venetian has more space than four Empire State Buildings. The slot machines, baccarat tables and other games occupy a casino floor more than 3 times the size of the largest casino in Las Vegas. There´s a 15,000-seat sports and the convention center has a 6,000-seat dining hall.

Do you need more eveidence? Well, There are 51 gondolas, there´s an indoor and an outdoor canal, a St. Mark’s square replica, a medieval clock tower, a replica of the Rialto bridge in Venice- a true gaming behemoth.

On this evidence, it´s time to turn off the lights in Las Vegas….


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