Toronto Casino Complex Plans Two Tallest Towers in Canada

Posted on October 26th, 2012

We are whizzing off to Canada in this post, to take a look at how plans for a Toronto casino complex would result in 2 towers in The City which could be highest in Canada.

Move over skyscrapers in the financial district: Oxford Properties Group wants to pull down part of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and build it up again as a complex containing a casino, hotels and two towers with commercial and residential space. The towers would measure over 325 m tall, or more than 1,000 feet.

Toronto Casino TowersAt the moment, these plans are just that- plans. Nothing is set in stone, but the plans have caught the imagination of many in the city (and provoked ire in others predictably).
Offices would make up around 40 storeys in each tower. Then the upper floors would be flats, with the roof up for grabs- penthouses maybe, or a swish restaurant?

There are also plans for 80-storey towers in the Entertainment District on King Street West, dreamt up Mr. Gehry. First Canadian Place, which currently holds the record for the country’s tallest office block, is 72 storeys.

Opponents of the scheme reckon that the sheer scale of the project will cause traffic problems. The convention centre is on Front Street, near to the famous CN Tower and a few blocks away from Union Station. A busy area in other words.

There are doubts as to whether the city’s infrastructure can handle it. We await the next plans with interest..

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