Top 10 Global Casino Destinations

Posted on September 18th, 2008

While we are on the subject of top 10 casino lists (we have already covered top 10 Las Vegas casinos and Top 10 Casino Movies)!, we thought we would throw out a few thoughts on the Top 10 Casino Destinations in the world.

Imagine the following scenario. You´re in Hong Kong on a business trip, and the phone goes. It is your very good friend Stanley Ho- the Hong Kong billionaire known as Mr Macau, thanks to his casino empire in the South China Sea. Now Mr Ho has been worrying about the competition that has recently arrived over from Las Vegas. The likes of the Venetian and the MGM Grand have been muscling in on his turf- and they are proving pretty good at what they do.

So what he wants you to do, is to go on the Ulimate Mystery Shopping Tour, and find the 10 best casino destinations in the world. The corporate jet is parked at an airport a short cab ride away, and you have 30 minutes to formulate a plan.

Before you start sweating profusely, don´t worry- you are reading the right blog. We have pulled together a list of the cities you need to head for:

Las Vegas
Well, we couldn´t very well leave out the fastest growing city in the US, could we? Your first plan of action is to head to Chep Lap Kok airport and ask the pilot to head for the West Coast. Particularly as this is where the competition is coming from. You´ll see alot of dross here, but if you want to report back on the best of the best head to The Bellagio.

Head east now and stop off at Mississipi- you are here to sample some of the atmosphere and charm of the Riverboat casinos. Try the Ameristar Casino in Vicksburg which is one of the region´s biggest riverboat casinos.  With more than 40,000 square feet of gambling entertainment, Ameristar is a slot machine players paradise- and this makes good money, so this´d be a good addition to your report.

Atlantic City, New Jersey
The big casino town on the East Coast of the USA still has a lot that you can learn from. Head to the big momma: Harrahs Casino, for the low down.

South America- Costa Rica
Head south into Latin America and stop off at Costa Rica, another gambler´s paradise. Try the Casino Club Colonial in downtown San Jose.

The Carribean
Before you cross The Pond completely, make sure you stop off in The Carribean. The Government of Antigua is taking the USA to the WTO court over the banning of online gambling in the US as this island has a flourishing online casino industry. If you are heading for the beaches and turquoise seas, then remember that Antigua has 3 casinos, including the notable St. James Club. Other islands that  offer gambling include Aruba which has 11 casinos that welcome players from midday to dawn. The Bahamas have many casinos including the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort- definitely play this a visit for your report. The Dominican Republic has the highest numberof casinos in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico also is big on casinos and St. Croix of the U.S. Virgin Islands is where you´ll find the Torarica Hotel & Casino.

Now it´s time to leave the slots behind and turn up the swankiness level. You´ll be playing roulette, baccarat and blackjack with the high rollers at the Ritz Casino and Aspinalls- both of which are in Mayfair. Bags of style, you´ll need to dress up for these venues.

Once you are on the Continent, of course it is time to head for The French Riviera and on to Monaco. Keep that Black Tie packed as you will need it at the swish establishments in Monte Carlo. Where to head to? The Casino Monte Carlo of course with its stained glass windows, sculptures, paintings and bronze lamps.

Sun City
Once you have got used to a bit of sun, you´ll probably appreciate a bit more, so head south into Africa, and to Sun City in particular. This town matches Vegas for entertainment showing its not just about the gambling. Which hotel? We reckon the Grandwest, simply for the scale.

OK- you are nearly back in Macau to file your report. Your penultimate stop is Melbourne in Australia, where you´ll be checking out the Crown Casino. The Crown is one of the biggest gambling meccas in the Southern Hemisphere. The main floor of the Casino is more than half a kilometre long. Again check out the entertainment while you are here.

You have arrived in Macau with serious jetlag to file your report with Mr Ho. But before you do, it´s time to check out the local scene so that you can make some worthwhile comparisons. You will probably be awed by the scale of change in this former Portuguese enclave, now a special admistrative region of China- it´s like nothing you will have experienced so far on the trip. There are spies everywhere, so make sure you head to the Ho flagship Lisboa hotel which made Macau what it is today. But you will also need to check out the Venetian to understand where all the market share is going and why.


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