Tony Blair Lays into Gordon Brown Over Super Casino in Manchester

Posted on September 2nd, 2010

Well, apart from that picture of William Hague and his aide Christopher Myers skipping through the park together looking very gay, aherm we use that word in its happy sense of course, the big news is all about Uncle Tone and his Mighty Tome or “Gordon Bashing for Dummies” book.

And the latest concerns the plans for a Manchester Super Casino which were scrapped when Mr Brown Pants came into office. Tony Blair has launched a “shock and awe” attack on Gordo’s decision to scrap plans for a super-casino in Manchester – calling it ‘the worst form of puritanism’.

Teflon Tony said his successor’s call to scrap the project, which would have created 3,500 jobs in the run down east of the city, was a ‘partisan’ and ‘ineffectual’ gesture under pressure from the church and right-wing press. Mr Blair’s salvo– in his new book, “A Journey” – is sure to reopen old wounds in the Labour party over the issue. In the red corner…..Brownites… the blue corner……Blairites..etc

Madchester bagged the right to build the country’s first super-casino under the noses of local rivals Blackpool – under Tone´s premiership in 2007.

In 2008 – under Mr Brown’s tenureship– the government shelved the plans.

So will we see this rear its head again? Unlikely under the Tories…

In the meantime, Singapore has just opened the Sands Marina Bay…

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