The Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Wins of 2011

Posted on July 31st, 2012

As online casinos become ever more popular, the jackpots that are being won are also going into the stratosphere. The sums being on won the various national and state lotteries are bigger (for now!), but some of these jackpot wins are huge- we look at some of the biggest online wins of 2011.

In 2011 a new record was set for the largest online jackpot as a 20-year-old player from Norway netted more than $15 million on a progressive jackpot win. This massive kerching moment put the young player from Norway into the Guinness Book of World Records. The Biggest Online casino Jackpot…ever. The casino? Betsson.

Betsson has now officially set the Guinness World Record® For World’s Largest Ever Jackpot Payout (online that is).

The lucky winner was a young student who bagged €11,736,375 (over £10 million or more than $15,000,000).

The game? It was the ‘Mega Fortune’ game and the winnings were paid to an anonymous player in Norway, on 24 September 2011.” Read it and weep!

The new Norwegian millionaire (who is keeping a low profile) is from of Hordaland in Norway. He said that he headed home after a night out, watched a film and played a few games on the Internet because he could not sleep. This decision netted him almost 12 million euros. Of course, sleep was then comletely out of the question, as he stayed awake until 6 am trying to digest the news.

‘Mega Fortune’ is a slot game that offers a huge jackpot.

The silver medal win of 2011, and still well on the podium was of $5.2 million. The lucky player was flown over to Australia for an all-expenses paid holiday for him and his family. This was also won on a progressive slot: Mega Moolah. This casino game paid out the stupendous £5.3m to Georgios M, a small business owner from Greece who hit the big time.

The bronze medal in terms of online jackpots went to another Scandie and this time it was a she not a he. Eva from Sweden bagged $2,480,000 from a 5 euro bet. (grrrrr!!).

Well done to all the players. Here’s hoping that there are even bigger and better jackpot wins on an online slot in 2012!

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