Superman or Batman? Betfair Casino

Posted on August 29th, 2012

superman slotHoly Bill of Rights Batman! Betfair Arcade are asking players to pick between Batman and Superman to win £1000 IN FREE BETS. Do you want to fight for truth, and justice, and the American way? And win some free chips of course. Pick your Superhero and start spinning!

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Superman or Batman? Tea or Coffee? M1 or A1? You choose. Play either the Dark Knight Slot OR Superman, The Man of Steel and win £1000 IN FREE BETS. Two of the greatest superheroes of all time go head to head in a Betfairtastic casino battle!

The top 50 spinning players on each game will compete for two prize pools with a top prize of £1,000 in free bets. The slots with the most spins up to the 9th September will be announced as the winner and gets the more humoungous free bets!
How to take part?
This promotion is open to all Betfair customers. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so here.
The promotion runs until 23:59:59 GMT on 09.09.2012. You need to opt in to the promotion by logging in and picking which game to follow (Batman or Superman), and then click on the SUBMIT button.
You can only follow one of the 2 slots. If you try and opt into both, only your first choice will count. How does it work?
Each game has its own leaderboard. Your final position on it will be down to the number of spins you have on your slot game during the promotional period.
Only bets of £1 or more on your chosen slot will add to your leaderboard position.

What free bets can I win?
At the end of the promotional period, Betfair will award free bets according to:
Whether you picked the slot on which the higher number of spins were made (i.e. whether you were part of the Winners or the Losers) and Your personal position on your leaderboard.
A total of 100 free bets will be awarded in total on the Winning and Losing Team leaderboards as follows:

Position on Leaderboard Winning Team/Losing Team
Winner £1,000/£500
2nd – 5th places £500/£150
6th-10th places £250 £100
11th-15th places £100/£50
16th-20th places £50/£25
21st-30th places £20/£10
31st-50th places £10/£5

When will I receive your free bet?
You must play your free bets once through any Betfair Arcade game or series of games before you can cash any winnings out. Free bets are good for 7 days from when they have been given.

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