Retro Pub Slot Machines.

Posted on December 20th, 2011

Retro Pub Slot Machines
Ahhhh….. the 80’s, how we miss the days when fashion was, well let’s face it, too bizarre for words and the Human League slot machine was the focal point of the pub.
Nowadays, the 80’s are making a comeback, with shiny leggings all the rage and retro slots games appearing on online slots websites. If you were temporarily blinded by the flashing neon slots in the 80’s, you’ll welcome the new incarnation of the slot machine – online! Playing online slots doesn’t require you to struggle with balancing that pint of the black stuff (always good for luck) on the machine and you won’t be distracted by a single shoulder pad (unless you happen to be in proximity of someone trying to bring that trend back, in which case, please remind them that the trend is dead and gone)
Here at Online Casino King, we’ve put together a list of our favourite retro pub slots.
Coronation Street
Corrie has been in the hearts and minds of the UK’s TV viewing public since way back in 1960, so it’s 50th birthday is only around the corner. As the longest running soap on TV, of course, it had to translate to become a slot game. In the slot you would take on the role of Jack Duckworth, the man who won a fortune in the bookies and spent a wedge of it on his pigeons and take a trip down the Street.  Unveil a prize under a mystery cobble and you could find yourself in a No Lose round.
Only Fools & Horses
UK treasures are a theme that runs throughout retro slots, with the Only Fools and Horses slot being extremely popular in pubs across the UK. The slot included a range of famous phrases from the show and has become a highly sought after collector’s item in recent years. Rodney…we’ll be millonaires.
The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune has got to be the quintessential game show of the 80’s, with challengers from across the country competing for a chance to spin that wheel. The game originally came to the UK from the US in the early 80’s as it became a huge hit stateside, particularly in Vegas. The slots game evolved from the traditional game format and the slot included a ‘spin the wheel’ feature where players had the chance to spin and multiply their winnings. As one of the most popular slots games ever made, Wheel of Fortune is still going strong today and can be found on many casino sites.
The world’s favourite board game of course translated to become an extremely popular slots game. The slot format followed on from the traditional board game where you accumulate properties. If you landed on three moneybags you’d be able to access the bonus feature, where Uncle Moneybags would allow you to sell the properties you’ve won. The game has evolved further online with new incarnations of the game such as Monopoly Here and Now and Monopoly Pass Go.
Whether you want to stick with retro pub slots or break away and play on popular games for the noughties such as Deal or No Deal, Online Casino King gives you all the information you need to choose the right casino for your needs.

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