One rule for high rollers and another for the rest of us?

Posted on January 30th, 2009

A high-roller whale has fleeced a casino in Sydney and the casino in question has admitted that it had been naive. The casino cashed a cheque for chips which subsequently didn´t clear. The cheque was for over A$11 million – the man- who remains anonymous, walked out of the Star Casino in Syndey millions of dollars up. The casino admitted that the money would probably not be recovered.

Which brings us to the question- is there one rule for high rollers and another for the rest of us?

Absolutely- investigate the world of high rollers and you wouldn´t believe the freebies that they are showered with. From free super luxury suites, private jet transportation and “services” on request.

This particular high roller, however, has burnt his bridge, not only in Sydney (and it´s quite a bridge), but all over the world thanks to the networking that goes on these days across the world between casinos. Information is easily distributed over the Internet, and the big casinos share information on rogue players. So unless this guy has bought a new passport with his millions and had a face transplant (a possibility too these days), he won´t be welcome in any of the major resorts.

Just remember that these players are lavished with free gifts for a reason. Sure, they win alot occasionally, but they also lose big. And the cost of a free suite and private jet is a drop in the ocean if you are betting with a bankroll that runs into millions of dollars. And that´s why occasionally a casino gets caught out cashing a dud cheque.


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