How To Create Your Own Las Vegas Casino at Home

Posted on December 9th, 2011

las-vegas-welcome-signOK, we all know how convenient it is to have a flutter on the slots or on the roulette wheel at home. The games online get better and better, and you can even sit and play in your jim jams.

But how do you recreate that casino feel at home to the max?
Here are a few ideas on how to create the perfect home gaming space
What do you need to play online casino games? Well, aside from a working (and preferably fast)  internet connection, there are a few little luxuries you can gather to recreate that casino feeling in your own home.
The best casinos are dedicated to creating a luxurious, indulgent atmosphere for their guests, and they’re sometimes themed too. Unless your other half or housemates are fine with you turning the lounge into the next Caesar’s Palace Casino or Egyptian-themed poker room, then keep the theme to a minimum and instead opt for some simple but effective casino touches.
Make sure you have a well-stocked and interesting drinks cabinet in order to rustle up some old school mocktails. But here’s where we differ from Las Vegas. Stick to non alcoholic drinks. If you play after you’ve had a few bevvies, you’re more likely to lose. Trust us on that one!
Cocktail umbrellas are optional but the best casinos will at least have some maraschino cherries. Alongside your drink, bar snacks are a must – think pretzels and grits for American style, or try pork scratchings and roasted nuts for a more English version. Just please: definitely no Twiglets. (Well, go on, if you must. No one’s watching).
Next, make sure your playing area is set up with everything to hand. Ideally, you want to bag the comfiest armchair for when you’re visiting online casinos, but failing that a couple of decent cushions (velvet for preference) will do! Real life casinos keep the lights nice and low for a cosy atmosphere, so grab some lamps and recreate the plush interior of the casinos of Las Vegas. Potted plants, lush ferns and floral bouquets all feature heavily in the best casinos so invest in a couple of yuccas (keep them well watered) and position them around the living room: you’re aiming for a green and pleasant space, not a complete jungle.
Your perfect home gaming space needs to be comfortable and cosy, but also make sure your computer is set up in such a way that it doesn’t hurt your back or neck to play, and take regular breaks to ensure you don’t strain your eyes or muscles. Playing online casino can be thrilling but taking time out to stretch and walk around will mean you come back to the games refreshed and with a clearer head. Stick to 20 minute sessions, would be our advice.
Most of all, remember all the normal rules of playing at an online casino: set your budget, stick to it, and don’t get carried away. Having the perfect home gaming space will allow you to experience all the pleasures of real life casinos in your own home, but make sure you keep it a pleasure and don’t blow your budget on games you can’t afford to lose!

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