How Many Casinos are there in the UK and Who Owns Them?

Posted on February 11th, 2014

uk casinoHere´s an interesting query that was posed from one of our readers the other day, and one we felt obliged to research. Just out of curiosity of course.

There was lots of talk of super casinos launching in the UK a few years back, and then Gordo took over from the Blair and put an end to it. But there are plenty of land based casinos in the UK (we all know the famous ones like Aspers). But just how many bricks and mortar casinos are there in the UK and who runs them? (ie exclusing all of the online casinos).

Well, by our calculations, there are around 140 casinos across the UK- most of them in England, and a big chunk (around 25) of them are in London, as you might expect. We have the full list below.

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The biggest operators are:

Grosvenor Casinos
London Clubs/Harrah´s
A&S Leisure Group and
Apers Group

Famous ones include:
Aspinalls in Curzon Street, Mayfair (they also have casinos in Swansea, Northampton and Newcastle)

The Ritz Club (owned by the reclusive Barclay Brothers)

Manchester 235 (a favourite place for Wayne Rooney to spin the wheel and the bottle)

Les Ambassadeurs (owned by Indonesian Taipan Putera Sampoerna)

and Maxims Casino Club in Kensington (owned by Genting).

The Complete List of Casinos in the UK.

For those who want the full details, here is the complete list:

1, Aspers Casino, The Gate, Newcastle.
2, Aspers Swansea Casino, Swansea, Wales
3, Aspers Stratford
4, Aspinalls, London.
5, Cascades Margate Casino, Margate.
6, Casino at The Empire, London.
7, Clermont Club, London.
8, Clifton Casino Club, Lytham St. Anne’s.
9, Colony Club, London.
10, Connoisseur Club, London.
11, Crockfords Club, London.
12, Cromwell Mint, London.
13, FIFTY London, London.
14, Gala Barracuda Casino, London.
15, Gala Casino, Aberdeen, Scotland
16, Gala Casino, Birmingham.
17, Gala Casino, Bournemouth.
18, Gala Casino, Bradford.
19, Gala Casino, Bristol.
20, Gala Casino, Douglas, Isle of Man
21, Gala Casino, Dundee, Scotland
22, Gala Casino, Glasgow, Scotland
23, Gala Casino, Hull.
24, Gala Casino, Leeds.
25, Gala Casino, Leicester.
26, Gala Casino, London.
27, Gala Casino, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham.
28, Gala Casino, Merchant City, Glasgow, Scotland
29, Gala Casino, Northampton.
30, Gala Casino, Nottingham.
31, Gala Casino, Russell Square, London.
32, Gala Casino, Sauchiehall St., Glasgow, Scotland
33, Gala Casino, Stockport, Stockport.
34, Gala Casino, Stockton on Tees, Stockton on Tees.
35, Gala Casino, Sunderland, Sunderland.
36, Gala Casino, Tottenham Court Road, London.
37, Gala Casino, Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton.
38, Gala Casino Sol Central, Northampton.
39, Gala Electric Casino, Cardiff, Wales
40, Gala Golden Horseshoe Casino, London.
41, Gala Maybury Casino, Edinburgh, Scotland
42, Gala Riverboat Casino, Glasgow, Scotland
43, Gala Rotunda Casino, Glasgow, Scotland
44, Golden Nugget Casino, London.
45, Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham, Birmingham.
46, Grosvenor Casino, Blackpool, Blackpool.
47, Grosvenor Casino, Brighton, Brighton.
48, Grosvenor Casino, Bristol, Bristol.
49, Grosvenor Casino, Empire Street, Manchester.
50, Grosvenor Casino, George Street, Manchester.
51, Grosvenor Casino, Great Yarmouth.
52, Grosvenor Casino, Gun Wharf Quays, Portsmouth.
53, Grosvenor Casino, Hove.
54, Grosvenor Casino, Huddersfield.
55, Grosvenor Casino, Leisure World, Southampton.
56, Grosvenor Casino, Liverpool.
57, Grosvenor Casino, Luton.
58, Grosvenor Casino, Merrion Way, Leeds.
59, Grosvenor Casino, Moortown, Leeds.
60, Grosvenor Casino, Newcastle upon Tyne.
61, Grosvenor Casino, Plymouth.
62, Grosvenor Casino, Portsmouth.
63, Grosvenor Casino, Ramsgate.
64, Grosvenor Casino, Reading.
65, Grosvenor Casino, Salford.
66, Grosvenor Casino, Scarborough.
67, Grosvenor Casino, Sheffield.
68, Grosvenor Casino, Swansea, Wales
69, Grosvenor Casino, Walsall.
70, Grosvenor Casino, Whitworth Street, Manchester.
71, Grosvenor Casinos, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff, Wales
72, Grosvenor Gloucester Casino, London.
73, Grosvenor Victoria Casino, London.
74, Harbour House Casino, Southampton.
75, Hard Rock Casino, London, London.
76, Hard Rock Casino, Manchester, Manchester.
77, Hippodrome Bingo Club, Lowestoft.
78, Hippodrome Leicester Square, London
79, Isle of Capri Casino, Coventry, Coventry.
80, Leo Casino, Liverpool.
81, Les Ambassadeurs, London.
82, Les Croupiers, Cardiff, Wales
83, Maxims, London.
84, Midland Wheel Club, Birmingham.
85, Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, Bradford.
86, Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.
87, Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, Hull, Kingston Upon Hull.
88, Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, Leeds.
89, Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, London.
90, Napoleons Casino & Restaurant, Owlerton, Sheffield.
91, Opera House Casino, Scarborough.
92, Palm Beach Casino, London.
93, Paris Casino, Blackpool.
94, Park Tower Casino, London.
95, Rainbow Casino, Birmingham.
96, Reading Sporting Club, Reading.
97, Rendezvous Casino Club, London.
98, Rendezvous Casino at the Kursaal, Southend on Sea.
99, Rendezvous Casino at the Marina, Brighton.
100, Ritz Club, London.
101, Rubicon Casinos, Wolverhampton.
102, Stanley Albion Casino, Salford.
103, Stanley Annabelle Casino, Bristol.
104, Stanley Annabelle Casino, Coventry, Coventry.
105, Stanley Annabelle Casino, Leicester.
106, Stanley Berkeley Casino, Edinburgh, Scotland
107, Stanley Berkeley Casino, Glasgow, Scotland
108, Stanley Bolton Casino, Bolton.
109, Stanley Bournemouth Casino, Bournemouth.
110, Stanley Brighton International Club, Brighton.
111, Stanley Cascades Leith Casino, Edinburgh, Scotland
112, Stanley Circus Casino, Manchester.
113, Stanley Coventry Casino, Coventry.
114, Stanley Edinburgh Casino, Edinburgh, Scotland
115, Stanley Grand Casino, Derby.
116, Stanley Grand Casino, Liverpool.
117, Stanley Grand Casino, Plymouth.
118, Stanley Great Yarmouth Casino, Great Yarmouth.
119, Stanley Leicester Casino, Leicester.
120, Stanley Liverpool Casino, Liverpool.
121, Stanley Luton Casino, Luton.
122, Stanley Luton International Casino, Luton.
123, Stanley Newcastle Casino, Newcastle upon Tyne.
124, Stanley Portsmouth Casino, Portsmouth.
125, Stanley Southampton Casino, Southampton.
126, Stanley Southport Casino, Southport.
127, Stanley St Anne’s Casino, St. Annes on Sea.
128, Stanley Star City, Birmingham.
129, Stanley Stoke Casino, Stoke on Trent.
130, Stanley Strand Casino, Manchester.
131, Stanley Torquay Casino, Torquay.
132, Stanley Walsall Casino, Walsall.
133, Stanley Wirral Casino, Birkenhead.
134, The Carlton Casino, Derby.
135, The Castle Casino, Blackpool.
136, The Castle Hill Casino, Dudley.
137, The China Palace, Birmingham.
138, The International, Aberdeen, Scotland
139, The Shaftesbury Casino, West Bromwich.
140, Triangle Casino, Bristol.
141, Victoria Club, Nottingham.
142, Westcliff Casino, Westcliff on Sea.

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