The History of Mobile Casino

Posted on January 23rd, 2015

mobile slotAlthough in online gambling terms the idea of the mobile casino seems like quite a new one (well, it’s not that new, but it’s only in the past 2 or 3 years that connection speeds and processing power have enabled designers to put out really enjoyable games). You may be surprised to hear that in fact mobile casino platforms have been around for almost a decade now. With the continuous and rapid development of smartphone and tablet technology, the level of choice, quality and convenience has never been better. The mobile gaming world is a constantly evolving one: quality platforms and sites have to be constantly innovating to ensure that they can fulfil their customers ever growing expectations.

Playtech was one of the earliest conceived software platforms for mobile casino gaming. Set up back in 2005 Playtech is a particularly dependable platform and is very user friendly- they spend alot of time making sure that their games are compatible with most mobile operating systems. Playtech’s range of products includes sports betting, live, fixed odds, bingo, poker and of course casino games. The casino games can be implemented into existing applications and a large amount of popular casino sites are already enjoying their partnership with this software developer.

Another mobile casino gaming giant  is a company that you are probably familiar with: Microgaming also entered the mobile market in 2005 (initially wrapping its mobile product under the Spin3 brand- a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd., who partnered with Microgaming to provide high end mobile games to their clients). The Microgaming Spin3 platform is a popular choice for some of the biggest mobile and online casinos out there with millions playing their popular mobile games every day. You still can’t access their full range on mobiles and tablets, but more and more games are moving onto the smaller screen (classics like Thunderstruck 2 for example). And some of the newer games like the Game of Thrones Slot were launched “mobile and tablet ready”.

They have a fantastic line-up of over 225 dedicated mobile games all playable on 3000 different mobile devices for Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and more. The responsive designs also help smartphone owners get the perfect view for playing their favourite games by automatically adapting to the users mobile resolution and screen size.

These two leading names in mobile gaming are regularly striving to produce new fun and exciting games for us to play. And between the two there really is something for every type of mobile player. In addition to these two titans of the industry, there are new, nimble competitors springing up who develop on a “mobile-first” strategy. The competition continues to heat up which can only be a good thing for players.

Smartphone technology proceeds to develop at a frantic pace. It has come on leaps and bounds, especially in the past few short years. Global developers and manufacturers are constantly working hard to create and evolve the newest and most advanced mobile technologies we have ever seen. And just what the future holds for mobile casinos continues to be a fascinating prospect. Who can predict what we’ll be playing in 5 years time? Virtual reality headset games? Roulette where you sit in the ball as it bounces over the wheel pockets? Three dimensional slot machines like Rubik’s Cubes? A Cleopatra Slot Machine where you are immersed in the actual world of the ancients? Time will tell. We can’t wait!


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