Highest Table Limits in Las Vegas For High Rollers

Posted on October 2nd, 2012

OK, let’s assume you strut around Las Vegas with a swagger and a big fat credit line. You’re a High Roller Casino player in other words, an exclusive club in which most of us mere mortals fear to tread.

You’ve arrived at Las Vegas International Airport in your Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, your limo has picked you up and you are heading to the Strip. Are you still with us?

Now, where do you head for the highest table limits in Las Vegas?

Well, between me and you, if you have enough credit, and you go to any of the high end casinos such as The Bellagio, The Encore or Caesar’s Casino, you can pretty much name your price once you are in the high roller section, but if you are a middly- to high roller, the casino that goes after your sort of players in public is Caesar’s Palace.

Caesars Loves Big Table Limits
caesars palaceCaesars Palace in Las Vegas has always loved their high rollers and they have historically pegged their table limits to the highest levels you’ll find on the Las Vegas Strip (publically that is).
Blackjack players  can bet either $50,000 on a single hand or play 3 hands at $25 grand a hand (!)

Higher betting limits can also be found on the other tables. The maximum line bet at the Craps tables is a mouthwatering $50,000. And head to the roulette table, and the inside betting limit (on single number straight up bets for example) is $3,000.

The high betting limits are available on the high limit tables in the high-limit gaming area. So you’ll need to bluff your way through the velvet rope first. And drinks are free if you bet this much (but we’d avoid alcohol- the real high rollers do. Well, they might take a glass of champagne if their cards come in. Keep your head straight.

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