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Posted on August 15th, 2008

Welcome to the Online Casino King blog! A number of our visitors asked for a space where they can read and share news on topical issues to do with gambling online- so here it is!

The choice of online casinos has mushroomed over the past couple of years or so. It is our aim to help you make the right choice as to where to play by providing factual information, tips and free betting systems in a format that is easy to compare and quick to read.

Whether you are a frequent player online, or new to this form of entertainment, there is a bewildering choice of sites, games and payment methods available to you. Which casino game offers the best odds? Do all online casino sites payout the same percentage of their take? Do betting systems work? All of these questions, we aim to cover on the site. If you have a particular question that you need answering and can´t fine the right advice, let us know.

But, we know that this is the 21st Century, and time is precious in the world of the web, so if you want the dummies guide or the quick facts guide to the world of online casinos, we have pulled together a list of useful tips below- a 2 minute guide if you will.

1. Always read the T´s and C´s if you are attracted by a casino bonus offer and pay particular attention to the wagering requirements. This is the amount of times you must bet through your deposit and bonus before you can withdraw any winnings (normally between 10 and 25 times the deposit plus the bonus).

2. The games that offer some of the best odds online are blackjack (played to a perfect strategy) and baccarat. BUT, you are unlikely to win big jackpots this way. you´ll need to play progressive slot machines for that (which network their jackpots so that they build up over multiple sites).

3. If you are an online roulette fan, play European roulette over American roulette. The wheel has one less zero pocket meaning your odds are better.

4. If you can, deposit money with a web wallet like Neteller. Most casinos will give you an additional % bonus on top of your deposit (typically 10-15%) as it is easier and cheaper for them to move money around with these kinds of systems (compared to say Visa or Mastercard). Also, your transactions should be more secure as you will not have to divulge any credit card details, so that you can ringfence your casino budget. Incidently this is also keeping a track on any wins or losses. if you only use that webwallet for gambling, you can keep a tight rein on your spend to make sure that you are gambling for fun and for fun only.

5. It is worth testing out one or two different online casinos, but remember that you will also be rewarded for being a loyal player. If you find 2 or 3 casinos that tick all of your boxes (safe and secure, have good customer service, have all of your favorite games, pay winnings promptly) stick with them.

Well, there´s a starter for 5. Enjoy the games and keep posted as we will be discussing more topics here shortly.

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