Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City is Now Suing its Players!

Posted on August 28th, 2012

golden-nugget-atlanticHere’s one for the record books. A casino in the States is suing its players after they figured out that the cards weren’t being shuffled at a baccarat table and they upped their bets accordingly. What? Crazy! They should pay up and take the good publicity rather than sink themselves with bad press, surely? This could be the world’s biggest baccarat scam- it’s certainly could be Atlantic City’s biggest baccarat scam. How to cheat at Baccarat? Read on…….

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City is suing 14 players  after 8 card decks had not been shuffled properly: they ended up winning more than $1.5m (£950,000).

The players won 41 baccarat hands on the trot. The casino is refusing to pay up as it reckons the game was illegal.
The 14 gamblers had an inkling that the eight decks of baccarat cards had not been shuffled and were repeating their bets. They inflated their wagers from $10 to $5,000, and won forty-one hands of baccarat, one after the other.
As the group of players won more and more, the casino heavies began to suspect foul play.

Security teams pitched up at the tables, but were unable to work out how they were winning so much.

The casino eventually stumped up just under $600 grand but refused to cash in their remaining chips which came to just under $1m.

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the entire fault was down to the casino. They should just stump up and take the hit.
The casino is saying that state gambling laws require all casino games to be fair – to both the player AND the house. Baloney.

Benjamin Dash, a lawyer on the side of the gamblers, has stated that his clients did nothing wrong and deserve to be paid the remainder of their winnings. Absolutely!
The Golden Nugget forgot to shuffle the cards. Period. That’s it.

If Atlantic City, and The Golden Nugget in particular, is trying to project a good image and get more punters through the doors- this is not the way to do it. Pay up, and you’ll get a flood of good publicity AND a flood of customers coming through your doors.

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