French Regulator Arjel Releases The Full List of Licenced Poker Sites

Posted on October 12th, 2010

Well, things have been happening over The Channel or La Manche, or whatever you call the stretch of blue water between the UK and France. The French gambling regulator which is also known as ARJEL (the Autorité de Régulation des Jeux En Ligne for all you francophones) has been busy regulating the market for poker sites in the country.

Despite the fact that no-one wants to work beyond the age of 62 and all of the unions and the students in France are busy throwing their toys out of their prams and their chairs through their windows, old Sarko has put Carla Bruni down for a moment and come up with a cunning plan to raise tax through regulating online gambling.

If you’re not on this list, you’d better not be targeting our French cousins you Eenglish Kniggits! (unless you are based in Costa Rica of course).

The Full List of Poker & Gaming Licences Given out by the French Government to Gaming Companies as of Oct 12 2010.

888 Regulated markets Ltd


BES SAS. Real Madrid takes over………………….

Betclic Entreprises Limited
…..they’ve covered the people who can’t spell





Electraworks SAS……..other wise known as Party Poker, Party Gaming and IG Media

Everest Gaming Limited……………also do double glazed windows

France Pari



Iliad Gaming…..aka Chill Poker


JEUX 365


La Française des Jeux


LIL Managers limited

Pari Mutuel Urbain

Partouche Gaming France SAS

PKR France SAS…………the 3D poker guys…PKR

Reel Malta Limited

REKOP Limited………………aka Full Tilt Poker

Sajoo…………………….Mr Magoo?

Société française de jeux sur Internet

SPS Betting France

Table 14


ZETURF France limited

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