€126 million or £110 million Spanish Lottery (Loteria) Jackpot Winner Was From Mallorca

Posted on May 15th, 2009

Earlier on this week, we reported on the big individual win on the Euro millions lottery (£110 million or €126 million). We can now report that the winner was a 25 year old woman from Mallorca (Majorca).

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Europe’s biggest ever lottery millionaire was created last week- a 25-yr old Spanish lady who was worried about the economic situation didn’t even realise that she has scooped the €126 miilion (£110 million) jackpot because she was laid up with the “gripe”…or flu. 

The mujer, from Mallorca, found out she was richer than Posh and Becks when she clocked into her job at the beginning of this week. And pay attention lads, as she is single (although she does have a novio) and bought the ticket online through a Imternet lottery service called Serviapuestas.

The lucky lady headed back to her job only to discover on her phone that she had landed Europe’s biggest lottery win. Her ticket was later rubber stamped and the winnings approved by the Black Cat kiosk in the centre of Madrid.

Jose Mieres, of Serviapuestas said they had been attempting to get hold of her since the draw a week ago last Friday, but couldn’t get her to answer her phone over Saturday and Sunday. She wasn’t picking up her emails either.

The total jackpot was €126,231,764.

She commented: “I always play it on the web. It’s much easier and safer. Without heading out of your house, you have your numbers in 2 minutes”. (Er- this sound like it might be a planted quote from Serviapuestas – Ed.)

The next biggest Euro Millions winner was Delores McNamara, an Irish lady, who landed £77million in 2005.


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