Did You Bet on the 100-1 at the Grand National?

Posted on April 6th, 2009

OK- we want to know if you won money on the 100-1 outsider at the Grand National. Someone must have won out there? (I haven´t met anyone who won yet).

This leads me to the latest conspiracy theory. Did anyone win? (Apart from the bookies of course).

Even Liam Treadwell’s mum only punted 50p as she was so sure that he was riding a three legged donkey. I suppose she still netted 50 quid…but even so- you´d bet a tenner at least on your boy romping home wouldn´t you? If only for family loyalty. Liam Treadwell´s horse Mon Mome, of course, was never in doubt as to the outcome of the race.

Most bookies had a field day of course- as most of the “smart money” was on the horses with lower odds. EXCEPT Ladbrokes in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, which is 3 miles from Mon Mome trainer Venetia Williams’ yard. There was a glut of loyal supporters backing Mon Mome, with most placing each-way bets for £5.

Ross-on-Wye Ladbrokes manager James Yorke said: “I must be the only one in the UK who hasn’t made a killing on the Grand National this year. There were tons of punters in my area who stuck five pounds each-way on the outsider. The trainer is very popular around here and the odds were irrelevant. Well, until she won of course and then they became very relevant.

The last time a winner with such long odds won the race was Foinavon in ´67.

Here is the result in full just in case you missed it.


1st MON MOME (100-1)
2nd Comply Or Die (14-1)
3rd My Will (8-1)
4th State Of Play (14-1)
5th Cerium
6th Big Fella Thanks
7th Butler’s Cabin
8th Southern Vic
9th Snowy Morning
10th Arteea
11th Irish Invader
12th Idle Talk
13th Darkness
14th Preists Leap
15th Offshore Account
16th Battlecry
17th Cornish Sett


Golden Flight (fell), Himalayan Trail (fell), Ollie Magern (fell), Brooklyn Brownie (fell), Chelsea Harbour (fell), Reveillez (brought down), Stan (fell), Musica Bella (fell) , Cloudy Lane (unseated), Zabenz (fell) , Eurotrek (pulled up) , Fleet Street (unseated), Can’t Buy Time (fell) , Rambling Minster (pulled up), Fundamentalist (pulled up), Kilbeggan Blade (pulled up), Black Apalachi (unseated), Silver Birch (fell) Parsons Legacy (fell), Kelami (pulled up), Knowhere (pulled up), L’Ami (pulled up), Hear The Echo pulled up on run-in

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