Chinese Invest in Atlantic City Casino

Posted on September 10th, 2009

The rise of Macau as the world’s bigest casino destination is well documented. In another development, China State Construction has announced a $1.7 bln deal to build a US casino as well.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation has sealed a $1.7 billion contract with property firm Tishman and casino builder Revel Entertainment to help build a new casino resort in the New Jersey gambling metropolis.

The company is China’s biggest property company and the new casino complex is likely to be finished by the summer of 2011.

Revel Entertainment’s Atlantic City casino megaplex will be almost 80 thousand square metres- it was originally planned for 2010, but the timing was put back due to the credit crunch.

The casino will have 2 towers with around 2,000 rooms each and a large casino floor. As you come in, there will be a “Revel Beach”, a sandy area at the far end of the megaplex that will host a nightclub, shops and posh restaurants. The’ll be a 5,000-seat live show area and another 600-seat theater as well as a spa and fitness center with indoor and outdoor pools.

Next stop for China: Las Vegas!?

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