Bet with the Psychic Octopus Who Says….Spain to Beat Germany in World Cup Final Glug Glug Glug

Posted on July 9th, 2010

If you are thinking of having a bet on the World Cup final, don´t do anything until you have heard what Paul the Psychic Octopus has to say!
Paul the (now) world famous Psychic Octopus has chosen España to win this Sunday’s World Cup final.

Paul´s choice was broadcast live across German TV: the 8 legged Mystic Meg, has predicted Spain (or is it Catalonia borrowing a Spanish goalie with all those Barcelona players?) will beat The Netherlands and lift the coveted Jules Rimet trophy.

El Pulpo Rojo (as he is now known in Spain) has got behind Vincent Del Bosque’s side ahead of the match, dealing a big blow to the men in orange, as both football mad nations prepare to win the World Cup for the first time ever.

Paul has correctly predicted all of Germany’s six results, including their win against England, their defeat to Serbia, and their defeat to Spain. He also reckons that Germany will beat Uruguay for 3rd place on Saturday.

Paul is in fact an English octopus. He was born in Weymouth. And we´ve got a referee in the final! It´s all gone very quite over in Germany now, hasn´t it, eh , eh, eh?

He´s been advised against travelling to Spain if his prediction comes true, as the Spanish love a bit of Octopus washed down with a chilled white wine.

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