2009 Champions League. Liverpool versus Chelsea. What a Classic

Posted on April 15th, 2009

Well, I can’t say I watch many Chelsea (or Liverpool) games as I prefer to watch quality teams owned by men with five bellies and managed by TV pundits. That’s real football. Come on- it’s just not cricket if you don’t change the manager every 5 minutes. Anyone can win when you keep the manager for more than one season…or can they? Hmmm, let’s explore that theme.

Take the Chelsea Liverpool 2009 Champions League Quarter final 2nd leg…..what a classic, I must say.

The Mockneys came back twice against the Brookies at Stamford Bridge and drew 4-4 tie and win the quarter final 7-5 on aggregate.

But it’s back to earth with a bump, as Chelsea have a stern Catalan test against Barcelona in the semis.

Steven Gerrard was on the squeaky bum seats, as was John Terry who had been suspended for the game.

Liverpool will now surely concentrate on the Premiership. Chelsea are not one of the nation’s favourite sides, but they way they slugged it out last night should have earned them grudging respect from even the neutrals. So who says you can’t change your manager every 3 months and get a result? Not Abramovich, that’s for certain.

Can they beat Barcelona though? If you watched the other match, it was a different kettle of fish. Just ruthless efficiency. Having whopped Bayern Munich, 4-0, in the first leg in Catalonia last week, Barca was happy with with a 1-1 draw in the return game on German soil. They go through happy as Larry 5-1 over the 2 legs.

So what on earth did Hiddick tell his players at half time? That’s what we want to know. He said afterwards that “It wash a madda of heving too mush reshpect ja, so we got a leetle crayzie and the team reacted.”

I’d have like to be a fly on the wall in that changing room. It sounds like the canny Dutchmen was tearing strips out of them- and it worked. They went out and slotted home 3 goals, the most incredible of which was a 25 yard 60 mile an hour belter from Brazilian midfielder Alex who sent his free kick whistling past honourary Scouser goalkeeper Reina in the 57th minute.

The game was unbelievable. If the semis are even half as good as this classic, we are in for a treat. Next stop Camp Nou, 28 April. Come on Barca!

Latest ODDS

Barcelona 2.25 to win the cup
Chelsea 4.00 to win the cup

Barcelona 6-4 to win
Chelsea 3-1

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